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I haven't updated in a while. I've been writing and reading a lot. So, that's a good thing, but I should post. I started working on a NaNoWriMo project that I worked on last year. It's a ghost story. This is draft 2.  I'm very excited. It's been well-received by my critique group which is always encouraging. It is my goal this year to have it completed and submitted before the end of the year. That seems a reasonable goal. ^_^ Anyway, I have been reading here, even if I haven't been posting.

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Thank You, Jonathan Stroud

In Buried Fire, the main character goes through a similar situation to Hailey in my WIP. By reading how Michael in Buried Fire handled things, I was able to realize a key ingredient that was missing from my own work. So, now, I am sure, I am on the right track with the ending of "Gatekeeper".
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On Dinner, Shopping and Writing Backwards

Yesterday, I made dinner for the family. It went off without a hitch (which is wonderful considering I can't cook.) I served Two Mustard Chicken- a recipe that I found a while ago in a cookbook that my aunt had given me- and green bean casserole (which I'd never made before). It was very good. Compliments were had. ^_^

Today, I went shopping for new pants and jeans, and was successful! Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but shopping for these two items is a 2 hour process for me. I start by going into the store, looking for just those items. I find just those items in a variety of colors, styles and prices, but all the wrong size, because I like to think I'm still the same size that I was in high school. I take these all to the fitting rooms where I discover that I am, in fact, not the same size anymore. These all get returned. Then, I go looking again for the same items. This time, I narrow it down to my price range. I grab the right size, but throw in a few of the "dream size" just in case that last round was a fluke. At this point, I am now eying other items in the store that I obviously don't need. I finally find a pair of pants and jeans that I like and that fit me. You'd think that now I would be able to leave happily, but no. I simply must try on the items that I was eying earlier. The process begins again, as well as the process of convincing myself that I don't need said items. (This takes quite a while.) At the end of it, I leave with only the new pants and jeans, feeling proud of myself for having willpower. I rush home to a kitty who is ready to maul me for hunger. (eek)

Also today, I made a backwards outline of GK (formerly TGG), and after two failed attempts at getting this WIP rolling forwards, I think I may actually have something with going backwards. I've broken everything up into scenes and am now working on typing the Epilogue. Quite a bit has changed, and I like it. I don't want to give too much away, but I am wondering how my critique groups are going to handle getting the last bits first. I hope they like it. It's a little unconventional, but then again, I'm hoping that's what GK will turn out to be.
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I have a fan! In my target audience! Who is not related to me! And I haven't even finished my book yet. ^_~

A couple weeks ago, I was working on some stuff for the book while I was babysitting. I got to talking to the oldest boy about my book and let him read the chapter I was working on.

Last week, his mom told me that he wrote to his favorite author and asked him to visit his school. He also asked his mom if I had a website so that he could write me. ^_^

I think that's pretty awesome.
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So, the conference was wonderful! I had such a blast hanging out with my critique group and getting to meet new people. For those of you who are curious as to the costume I eventually chose, I decided to be Tanith Lee's Piratica. If you want to see pics, pop over to acoppedge's journal. It came out pretty nice. I decided on that costume after I got the neat pirate sword for Christmas. (The vest is hand-sewn.)

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Well, anyway, gearing up for GPSH next weekend. I've got 4 girls signed up for it! I still need to go shopping for the supplies >_<; But I'm really excited.

Also, anxiously awaiting news on libba_bray's third book. Amazon has a release date on it of September 2007. (But I don't trust Amazon after they fooled me about Emily Blake's book. I'm still waiting for it!!)


Also, Spoilers for the Uglies trilogy ahead. If you haven't read it, get thee to a library.
Then, when you are done, check this out!

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In other news, I have decided on my costume, and... it is a surprise.
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Another few costume ideas

Pippa from AGTB-- Probably the garden costume.
Thing 1 from Cat in the Hat
(I have the entire costume, but the make-up would be a pain.)
And lastly, the always popular, Moaning Myrtle costume.
(Another costume I own, but am worried that everyone will be wearing HP costumes.)
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Post Holiday Post

Hey all! Hope your holidays went well. Mine were awesome! I have the greatest husband and kitty in the world. The two of them teamed up to send me to Miami as a Christmas gift. We went to my mother-in-law's for Christmas and ate a lot and watched tv. (I also did quite a bit of reading. I finished Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men. It's a pretty good book. There were times I laughed out loud and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.) My mother-in-law makes the best fruit salad known to man. It's called five cup salad, and it's a cross between fruit salad and ambrosia.

Yesterday, we came home and gave the kitty his presents (a laser pointer and a catnip toy.) He was very happy to see us, and even happier to play with his new toys. Then, we went out again and got my husband new glasses which he desperately needed and also which look really good on him. ^_^ My husband made iced tea with his new iced tea maker (which he really likes but was not too fond of the herbal fruit teas that I picked out) and we settled down to play some W.O.W. in preparation for the new expanion.

Those of you who are coming to Miami, have you picked a storybook character for the storybook ball? I am thinking of a few costumes: Sarah from Labyrinth by A.C.H. Smith (the novelization of the movie by Jim Henson), or Sabriel from Sabriel by Garth Nix, or finally, Bess (the Art talent fairy) or Vidia (the Speed talent fairy) from the Disney Fairies books. Do those count as storybook characters? I'm still not sure which to choose yet. The easiest would be Sarah because I have the costume already, but it's not really dressy and it's from a movie rather than a book. Actually, none of them are very dressy... anyway, what are you guys going as?

I'm so excited!!
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So, this was my first time ever participating in NaNoWriMo. I thought I'd give it a shot. The goal is to get to 50,000 words by midnight tonight, but it wasn't my goal. I've never written 50,000 words in my life. In fact, the most I've written is 29,000 and that was over the span of a year. My excuse for this is that I'm a YA writer trapped in a PB writer's body. So, my goal for this NaNoWriMo was to get to the halfway point. And as of 10:58 pm today. I did just that. I got to 25,114. And the story is almost done. I haven't written the confrontation with the big bad... because it's a very mysterious big bad. I don't know anything about it. And following that, I haven't really written the conclusion. Although parts of it are done. There is no real closure. But I'm proud of myself. This was just an idea kicking itself around in my head at the beginning of November with no real cohesion. Now, it's really come together, and it will need a lot of work, but for right now, I'm happy with it. ^_^

Hope all of you met your NaNoWriMo's this month and got what you needed to out of it.

*cyber-hugs to all!*
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Gwendolyn the Library Fairy

Occasionally, I will Google my little computer picture book, just to see what fun and excitement she has gotten into. Today, I found this:

"Blast off to Reading is Fundamental's Reading Planet, where you'll find several online, animated stories read aloud just for kids! Gwendolyn the Library Fairy and The Honey Tree are two of our favorites. There are also stories and songs in Spanish. Have fun!"

in Reading Rockets September 2006 issue. It makes me happy that people still <3 Gwendolyn.
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